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827 West Highway 6, Alvin, Texas 77511
(281) 331-0810
Service Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m
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Trash Collection Guidelines – Once a Week on Monday
  • 95-gallon cart provided by Waste Connections-blue trash (only 1 billed through Utility district).
  • Collection of cart contents only. All residential refuse should be contained in bags and placed in 95-gallon cart.
  • Waste Connections is responsible for collecting only the refuse in 95-gallon cart. In the event customer generates more waste than what can fit into 1, 95-gallon cart, customer may request one additional 95-gallon cart at an additional fee that may be necessary to accommodate all residential waste generated by customer.
  • Waste Connections has no obligation to collect any yard waste, bulky waste, and / or bundles that will not fit into the provided 95-gallon cart.
Recycling Collection Guidelines – Every Other Week on Monday
  • 95-gallon cart provided by Waste Connections-green recycle (only 1 billed thru Utility district).
  • Collection of cart contents only. All recycle refuse should be placed in 95-gallon recycle cart for collection.
  • Acceptable items: Newspaper, plastic, (with No. 1 or No. 2 recycling logos) and aluminum, tin, or metal cans.
Recycling Schedule
  • November 29th
  • December 13th
  • December 27th

Should the resident generate more trash that can fit into one trash cart per week, resident can contact Waste Connections and request the additional service at an additional cost per month. Waste Connections will bill the resident directly for the additional service.

For lost or stolen cart(s), Waste Connections charges $65.00 each for replacement that is billed directly by Waste Connections to resident.

For cart replacement due to normal wear and tear, there is no charge.

Resident will need to call Waste Connections to request the replacement.

Residents may not place the following items in 95-gallon cart and / or out for monthly bulky waste collection. Excluded Waste:

  • Concrete, dirt , bricks, batteries, cross ties, rocks, tires and logs and stumps over six inches in diameter.
  • Contractor/Construction Waste: If minor repair work is completed by customer themselves; small amounts of materials will be collected if meet general guidelines regarding lengths, weights, etc., are met. Such amounts must be reasonable.
  • Demolition waste from vacant or improved properties prior to occupancy.
  • Sizable amounts of trees, brush or debris cleared from properties, including but not limited to , clearing in preparation for construction.
  • Household hazardous waste, including but not limited to pool chlorine and other chemicals, fertilizer, pesticides, paint, oil or other petroleum products and medical sharps or waste.
  • Refrigerator items, air conditioning units, or any items containing Freon must have CFC’s recovered and be tagged by a certified specialist prior to disposal.

Resident generates Bulk and / or Excluded Waste that requires collection, transportation and / or disposal, resident can contact Waste Connections to separately arrange for the collection of excluded waste at an additional charge.

Holiday Schedule

Waste Connections may observe any or all of the federally observed holidays listed below by suspension of collection services on the holidays below. The collection scheduled for that day will be postponed until the next regularly scheduled service day.

  • New Years Day – Closed for the holiday.
  • Day After New Years – Open, normal collection schedule.
  • Martin Luther King Day – Open, normal collection schedule.
  • Memorial Day – Office closed, normal collection schedule.
  • Independence Day – Office closed, normal collection schedule.
  • Labor Day – Office closed, normal collection schedule.
  • Thanksgiving Day – Closed for the holiday.
  • Christmas Eve – Open, closing early.
  • Christmas Day – Closed for the holiday.